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Why Choose Kicks Karate?

Kicks Karate has been developing young leaders in our community since 1994.   There are no benchwarmers here, so join our squad to find out how we can improve your game.

Seriously, there is no better way to find out what the martial arts, and our program, are all about than to try it for yourself.  That's why we recommend that EVERY new student begin with a free trial class.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Better Concentration
  • Improved self-esteem
  • First time listening skills
  • Increased flexibility and coordination
  • Mental and physical self defense skills

Kids martial arts classes: Bully proof Your child

Enroll your child in martial arts classes and discover the amazing benefits they will experience in all aspects of their lives!

  • Tiny Tigers | 3-4 Years Old
  • Little Ninjas | 5-7 Years Old
  • Children Martial Arts | 8-12 Years Old
  • Teen & Adults | 13+ Years Old

At Kicks Karate we created the concept of “edu-tainment.” That means that we combine education with entertainment to make learning fun! Your child is going to absolutely love it, so register for your FREE Trial Class today!

(Limited to one starter package per student. New students only.)

Give your child the gift of a lifetime begin your child's martial arts journey now!

FREE Trial Class

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I signed our son up for Karate mainly to help him build confidence. He is very quiet, shy, and anxious, so we wanted him to participate in something that would boost his self-esteem. Since he has started, he no longer bites his nails, and once in a while he will even raise his hand to answer a question! We know he loves it because he practices every day on his own. Words cannot express how pleased we are with the program and staff — you guys are all so amazing and enthusiastic!!!! 

Elieen D. | Gaithersburg


Ben joined karate at 4 with us having no knowledge of martial arts at all. At the time, we wanted to help him with his focus and concentration. His 9th anniversary is coming up and boy has it ever helped! He feels that he can defend himself, gets a great weekly workout and is a responsible, mature, middle schooler concerned with being on time and making a positive impression to those around him. His little brother, Grayson, is right behind him because Kicks Karate Germantown has been such a great learning experience! 

Amanda. |Germantown

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